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Specializing in baking ingredients and flavour design, our distinctive approach combines the expertise of Certified Flavourists and Bakery Specialists under one roof resulting in superior product design and innovation. Manufactured in our BRC Certified facility, our bakery ingredients and flavour creations are produced to the highest quality and food safety standards.

Combining our expertise and understanding of the emerging marketing trends and the use of leading technology, our bakery ingredients and flavours are designed to get to market quickly and formulated to offer a shelf life that provides the required financial return for your business. Our on-site R&D Flavour Lab and full bakery test facility allows us to work closely with our customers to test their products through each stage of development ensuring the taste and quality meet expectations. Our team of specialists will work closely with you from the beginning of the recipe design through to the development, implementation and delivery of product to market.

As the leader in bakery ingredients and flavour design, Embassy also offers expertise in the dairy, confectionary and beverage industry. Serving businesses in Canada, United States, Mexico, Europe, South Asia and the Middle East, our customers span the food industry across a number of sectors including Foodservice, In-store Bakeries, Commercial Bakeries and Food Processors.

Embassy Flavours Unique Advantages – Become Your Advantages:

• Innovative products

• Increased speed-to-market

• Reduced R&D expenses

• Consistent manufacturing

• Higher sales & lower overall costs

We have the passion, expertise, innovation and focus on service to help grow your business. Let’s partner together and create the flavourful secret to your product success. Contact us at info@embassyflavours.com.

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Egg Shortage? No worries!

EGGS-ALT – a 100% egg replacer

Available in four versions:

  1. EGGS-ALT – Whey protein based formula, Kosher Dairy.
  2. EGGS-ALT Gluten Free – Whey protein based formula, Kosher Dairy & Gluten Free.
  3. EGGS-ALT Concentrate – Whey protein based formula, Kosher Dairy.
  4. EGGS-ALT For Bread – Wheat based formula, Kosher Pareve.

* Customization is available based on volume.


Advantages of EGGS-ALT:

  • 100% complete replacement option for whole liquid eggs.
  • Simple to use – just add water and it’s ready to go.
  • Cost effective replacement for liquid eggs.
  • It simulates what eggs do in baking recipes and can be used in many bakery products to replace fresh or frozen eggs.
  • Easy to handle – it can be added to the dry ingredients in your batch.
  • It holds long shelf life – 270 days from date of manufacture.
  • Rich in nutrients, low in cholesterol, clean label and vegetarian friendly.
  • Eggs-Alt is sure to be an excellent egg alternative, whether it is due to allergy concerns, cost reduction, or supply issue.

For further details, please contact sales@embassyflavours.com.

Kosher, Peanut-free, HaCCP Certified